A few weeks ago I had the privilege to do an online program for students at Northern Illinois University. It was an interactive program digging into the topic ”Positive dating and sex behaviors”.

Students got to explore what they themselves saw as positive behavior in romantic and sexual relationships, and we also covered the meaning of sexual consent, and what to do when there is a lack of positive dating behavior in a relationship.

This speaking event was organized by the Latino Resource Centre at NIU, centering my book Respect: Everything a Guy Needs to Know About Sex, Love, and Consent, which is published in the US by Penguin Books. Thank you, staff and students, for an interesting dialogue!

I’ve been wanting to blog about the event ever since it took place, but I’ve been busy with a deadline for my new book. I’m currently finishing the work with a practical guide for teachers who want to teach sex education. The new book will be published in Sweden during spring 2023.